Kokum Moisturizer 8oz


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Easily absorbed. Doesn’t clog pores.
             KOKUM Butter.

Please read instructions and always  do a 24 hour skin test.


 Avoid contact with eyes. for external use only. This product contains  Raw Organic Hemp, Avocado, Butter,Organic Fragrance Oils  and essential oils, if you are allergic to these types of ingredients please don't use this product. The Lofa Company  LLC will not be liable or responsible for any illness or allergic reactions caused by using this product. 

 IMPORTANT: Natural butters are heat sensitive, and may melt in travel. They can also lose some of their whipped consistency. The “fix” for this is to put them in the fridge right away until they are back in a solid state, then keep them stored at room temperature. Melting won’t affect their effectiveness or nutrient value.

Packaging may vary.

Keep in a cool area, out of direct sunlight and with the lid on.


The shelf life of organic, all natural products is about 6 to 12 months, depending on level of care followed.


Our Whipped Body Butter is:

Free of Parabens & Urea

Free of Petroleum and mineral oil

Super luxurious and loaded with skin loving vitamins

Great for use on entire body to help alleviate dry skin that is easily irritated, dull and itchy.

This body butter is whipped to perfection

Can children use this product?

Yes, as long as there are no allergies.


Recommended for dry skin types. Protects against chipping, cracking, and roughness. Relieves itching due to dry skin.

How To Use

Massage onto a damp body after taking a shower  or any time your skin feels dry or tight. 

Kokum butter has powerful moisturizing properties and won’t clog pores. It’s frequently used to treat a variety of skin issues, including acne, minor inflammatory conditions, and dry skin, hair, and scalp.

Benefits: moisturizes dry skin. leaves skin extremely moisturize and nourish with a glow. 

Good for: Normal, Dry, Combination skin, Full Body. We have found this product to be great for after a shower when the body is still a little damp. 

Ingredients: Kokum Butter, black seed cumin oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil,Hempseed oil and Tea Tree oil. 

Long Shelf Life

 KOKUM butter is going to last you a good long time. Because it has high oxidative stability which helps to stabilize emulsions, kokum butter has a shelf life of 1-2 years.

Acne Fighting

Kokum butter is an excellent alternative to other butters that are too heavy for acne-prone skin or people that live in hot and humid climates and require a different summer skincare regime. If your skin produces more oil than average, a lighter moisturizer can bring balance to your skin.

 An emollient that your skin soaks up, kokum butter is non-comedogenic. Meaning it doesn’t clog pores – and clogged pores are the main contributor to breakouts and blemishes.

Skin Cell Regeneration

 Kokum butter is well known for its ability to regenerate skin cells. But did you know it also prevents the degeneration of skin cells? That means you’re fighting skin damage before it ever starts.

 Because of its emollient properties, kokum butter is easily absorbed by the skin. So it’s healing properties can penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis. It can help heal ulcers as well as cracks in the lips, hands, and the soles of your feet.

 And if you suffer from inflammation, kokum butter is also anti-inflammatory. It can help reduce inflamed skin regardless of the cause and prevents future inflammation by enhancing your natural skin barrier.

Sensitive Skin

 As a side effect of its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, kokum butter is a great alternative for sensitive skin. If your skin tends to react to most skin care products, those made with kokum butter are more gentle and easily tolerated.


 If you suffer from dry skin, kokum is a natural moisturizer. Your skin absorbs it quickly and easily, so there’s no leftover film, stickIness, or greasy residue.