Our Story


Fanmentus started making body butters, Juices and  Seamoss in her kitchen. My skin and immune had gone through all of life's toughest seasons from  products that was telling me that my skin needed "Fixing" and My waist needed to be smaller! hated it! My skin doesn't "Fixing" My waist doesn't need to be smaller! It needed to be love by nourishing it and moisturizing it with earth's purest ethically sourced fruits, veggies, butters and oils. I was determined to changed the way I saw my skin, my body and the way people saw their skin and bodies through the eyes of these products because I believe that our skin, immune system and health  shouldn't compromise itself  with toxic ingredients. I decided to go back to the basics, what I grew up on.

Organic, clean and safe products.

Just like God mentioned in Genesis 1:29


Your Health MATTERS!

 Your Skin MATTERS!

What We Stand For:

Inclusively Exculsive

The best in personal skin care and wholesome health products should not belong to the few. Our accessibility comes compromise-free.


Recipes handed down from a healer. Jesus!

Cultures Cultivated

The best ingredients gathered from earth's richest oils, freshest fruits and picked to complement perfectly for a nourish skin and to help restore your health.



Organic,Vegan, Pure, Safe

and uncompromising Health and Skin Care.

We leave out these harmful ingredients:

No Parabens.

No Pthalates

No Petroleum

No mineral oil

No Formaldehyde

No Sugar

No Sugar Substitues



We sustainably-produced organic, vegan goodness for your health and  skin. 

Made with love for you, your skin and body.

Tested on ALL of our family. Never animals.