Try Our handpicked butter and oils dedicated to locking full moisture into your skin and restoring it back to its natural state. 

Tips to keep your moisture lock Into Your Dry Skin:

  • Moisturize. Moisturizers provide a seal over your skin to keep water from escaping. 
  • Use warm water and limit bath time.
  • Avoid harsh, drying soaps. 
  • Apply moisturizers immediately after bathing. 
  • Use a humidifier.
  • Choose fabrics that are kind to your skin.


Suggested Foods to eat to help tackle dry skin from within. 

Sweet potatoes

The humble tuber is a winter favorite and comes loaded with vitamin A, essential for skin repair, and beta-carotene which helps shield the skin against winter woes. Nuts and seeds

  • Need we say more? These are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids that play a pivotal role in nourishing the body from within. Regular nut consumption helps in staving off and repairing skin cell damage from free radicals and accelerates the process of skin cell repair and regeneration. You will feel your skin getting smoother and more supple after introducing these to your daily diet, just a handful a day is enough. Almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds top the list of vitamin-e enriched items.


  • Avocados come with a buttery texture and a nutty aroma that makes it quite a hit with people. It also comes packed with staggering skin-benefiting properties. A rich source of antioxidants, betacarotene, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E, avocados can go a long way in giving your skin that extra dose of nourishment this winter and keep dryness at bay. Avocados are nutrient dense are popularly known as 'nature's butter'.